Burn PowerPoint Presentations on DVD – Easiest Way

Have you been researching and asking about the easiest way to burn PowerPoint presentations on DVD? Sure you do because knowing the process will give you an edge especially if your work requires you to organize your files, keep them handy by burning them on DVD, and if you are constantly doing presentation works and reports to discuss topics and matters that need visuals.

Plus, if you have managed to burn your PowerPoint presentations, you can easily distribute or submit them. And for the record, PowerPoint presentations are playable on any DVD player If you burn the presentation to DVD in proper format. 

There are countless reasons why you need to burn your PowerPoint Presentations on DVD. After burning it, you can play the presentation on any DVD Player OR you can transfer the files to your mobile device, iPod etc…

The First Easy Way

There are on-line websites that let you convert your file so that it can be burned later on. On-line tools are not just handy but they are helpful to anyone who is a member of a specific site that allows them to convert and burn files. The process starts when you upload the file to the website. The file will be then converted to video file allowing you to view your slides using a DVD player. You can convert the file into MP4 format so you can view it using DVD players. After converting the file, you can download it to your computer and then burn it.

The Second Easy Way: Use a Software Program

Sometimes, you can’t be on-line all the time. That is why, you have to use a specific software instead so you can burn your power point presentation to DVD anytime and anywhere you want. All you need to do is follow these steps:

1. First of all, you need to download a PowerPoint To DVD converter software and install it in your system. There are plenty of them available on internet.

2. Then import your Power Point presentation into the software.

3. Choose the DVD menu according to the theme of your presentation.

4. Apply more effects to your Power Point presentation If you want and then burn a DVD.

That’s it! This process is very easy to follow and even a newbie can do it. All you need to do is import the presentation into the software and burn the DVD. This burned DVD will play in all DVD players and you don’ even need to have Power Point installed on the target computer to show your presentation.

Niche Product Selection

This article is one of several articles that attempts to lift the lid off the high level process for internet marketing, we have also created a list of articles on our site’s that go into even more depth around these compelling subjects.

This article will discuss the next stage of our series in terms of online marketing; it will particularly focus on ‘Product Selection’ once you have already done the critical earlier steps (Niche market selection, keywords research for your niche).

So Product Selection, what’s important?

There are so many ways of locating products, in some ways finding products to support a niche area is fairly easy, and the main reason for this is that there are just so many other businesses looking for new avenues to sell their products.

Business to Business Transactions

You may choose to supply products to your customers via a wholesaler If you purchase products in this way from another business, it is often referred to as a business to business transaction; in a relationship like this often the supplier will will stock products, you will pay a wholesale price for the items.

What is a Drop Shipper?

Obviously this means that you can sell products for a good profit margin through your online business, a ‘Drop shipper’ is an excellent way to distribute products and purchase them at a wholesale price. There are many drop shipper type organisations most of them will ship products to your client directly which means you do not have to hold the stock or get involved in the shipping of the product(s).

What is online Affiliate Marketing?

This is probably one of the most over used terms in the industry and it describes a whole plethora of techniques for selling other people’s products, you can sell and distribute electronic type media products such as e books, MP3′s etc.

ClickBank or Commission Junction?

Two of the many sites that supply these sorts of electronic type of products are ClickBank and commission junction, these sites very efficiently allow you to market products and the downloading of these products to the client is usually handled directly by the supplier on ClickBank or commission Junction. Your main objective is to find the clients and then point them to your ClickBank link (hoplink) for the product, if/when the client purchases the product you are paid the affiliate commission agreed up front.

One of the things to watch out for with these types of scenarios though are the actual process the client uses to obtain the products, for instance you have to remember that whichever product you choose to sell from these sites, there are also many other affiliates doing the same thing.

If you are not careful you can get into many issues that make selling in this way difficult, for instance the large search engines that deliver traffic do not like ‘Multiple Content’ so if you have the same site or landing page as many other affiliate selling the same product and saying exactly the same thing, it is not only possible but likely that you could get your site de ranked because your site is not unique.

There are ways to avoid this issue but it really does mean that you have to understand how the web works, good online marketing companies should be able to assist you to understand how to resolve issues like this to ensure you are adding valuable content to the web and not just contributing to the ‘Multiple Content’ that already exists online.

How to create Your own Products?

You can create your own products and this is getting easier and easier now, with the introduction of great video packages that allow you to easily record your own videos, most Operating systems also give you free film editing software so you can easily make the vital changes to the footage before it becomes a product. With YouTube becoming even more popular many people are finding that creating a product or products based on videos can become a great business.

Creating your own products that fit into a niche, can be an interesting process and there are so many ways of doing it that we just cannot cover them all here and now. What is most important though is that you try to ensure that whatever product you create it fits tightly into your chosen niche product area.

Would Banning PowerPoint Improve Your Presentations?

We’ve all sat through those presentations where someone bored us to death with slide after slide of text, dated images or graphs crammed with information.

That’s why the phrase “Death by PowerPoint” was invented.

Many organisations have responded to this by banning the use of PowerPoint in any presentations. In some cases, they allow other programmes, such as Prezi, but some ban the use of visuals altogether.

Are they right to do this?

I can certainly sympathise. Most speakers I see use PowerPoint very badly. Their main crimes are:

  • using slides as a crutch for themselves, in effect writing out their presentation on PowerPoint and using it as their notes
  • writing PowerPoint slides which they intend to print off as handouts
  • hiding behind the slides so the presentation becomes little more than a voiceover
  • using the basic templates in PowerPoint to produce endless bullet point lists or repetitive slides with a heading and a tiny picture

This may be partly because of lack of time, or lack of expertise or just plain laziness.

Whatever the reason, the result is that thousands of people have to endure dreadful presentations and the whole dreary PowerPoint experience continues.

So I can see why some places might be tempted to just ban the whole thing. And I would be happy if one result of this was to force speakers to concentrate on keeping their audience’s attention by having great content and developing their delivery skills.

I’m all for developing a much higher standard of oratory amongst presenters!

But there are some problems with banning slides altogether.

Powerful visual aids can play a huge part in getting across key points with impact and helping an audience to listen, learn and remember.

Used well, visuals can:

  • grab, and keep, attention
  • explain a point more clearly than words
  • form a strong emotional connection between the audience and the subject matter
  • leave a lasting impression which fixes the point in the audience’s long term memory
  • introduce humour in a relevant and appropriate way

Of course, the key point is that they do have to be used well. The way most slides are used, they do none of these things.

But that’s not the fault of the medium itself – it’s not really PowerPoint’s fault, it’s the fault of the speakers who use it.

And I have to say, it’s not just PowerPoint, I’ve seen people using other packages just as badly.

So perhaps banning PowerPoint isn’t the answer. Because banning visual aids cuts off what could be a massive asset for a presenter and a massive benefit for the audience.

The answer is to give people the training they need to use PowerPoint the way it should be used – so presenters can speak with more impact and audiences can be spared the “death by a thousand slides” which they have to endure at the moment.