Manifest In The Moment – How To Find The Present Moment & Just Be

Many people think that they’re living in the present moment, but if
you really stop to think…are they? Are you? What can you do to make sure
that you’re present? Here are some simple tips to get you in the
moment…and get you living better because of it!

First, try this. Pick a present moment and describe it. Describe
everything about it. How does the air feel? Is there a certain
smell in the air? How do your clothes feel as they touch each part
of your body? Do you taste anything? What do you see? Notice
everything that you’re aware of. Begin every sentence with: ‘Right
now…’ or ‘At this moment…’ or ‘Here and now…’.

Sometimes, you can have resistances to this exercise. So just notice
and write down any difficulties or resistances that may arise. Be
AWARE of these issues and put them aside. Now, transfer this
exercise to…exercising! Think about your resistances to exercise,
get in the present, and describe how you feel!

If you don’t know where to start, use these questions. Why did you
start the exercise when you did? Were you tired? Angry? Did you go
blank while doing it? Did you daydream or wander off? How long was
it before your mind wandered off?

Now what do you do to get back on track? The first thing that I like
to do is use “stop thoughts.” When you’re having a negative or self-
destructive thought, just tell yourself to STOP! Like Jen says,
throw those negative thoughts into a mental blender and scramble them
up! Sometimes I even write the thoughts in a journal and “capture”
them in the closed book. Whatever helps you to move past these
thoughts, do it! Get rid of them and move forward immediately. Get
in the present and create the life that you want. Think of it like
this…an hour from now is only a fantasy. And an hour ago is only a
memory. The present is what you have to create now. Do it!

IMPORTANT: When you do this “getting present” exercise, you don’t
have to do this sitting still. Do it at ANY time! If you think
about it while taking a walk or even doing the dishes – DO IT! The
more practice you get at being present, the better!

BREATHE…CONNECT…FEEL the present moment! Anxiety is usually
about tomorrow. But things feelings such as boredom, impatience, and annoyance
can cause anxiety because you’re preventing a full experience.
Always acknowledge these feelings and the STOP them…and move on! I
know it sounds basic, but it really is that simple! The only thing
you can control is your own thoughts and reactions, so get to it!

To re-acquire the full feeling of PRESENCE is an experience of
tremendous impact. And you will definitely know it when you get
there. Don’t fear it…just BE with it. The present is your present!

Reasons Why Gift Baskets Are A Great Christmas Present Idea

It only happens once a year, but each year it seems to come around faster and faster – you know what I am talking about – Christmas. Yes, the festive season is almost upon us again and our thoughts turn to putting up trees, attending Christmas parties, and having a break over summer, however it’s the gift buying that tends to bring out the bah humbug in us, and often it’s because we really are unsure about what to buy – whether it be clients, friends or family. We are usually busy, feeling a bit stressed, and looking for a simple solution that still shows the recipient that we care, which is why a gift basket is a great idea as a Christmas present.


Sending a gift basket is one of the most convenient gifts you can send. Most gift basket suppliers have an online purchasing system, so you can simply choose which gift you want, enter your details and that of the recipient, and then rest assured that the gift will be delivered without any further worry. It’s a great set and forget option if you have a very busy festive season.


Just because you can easily order a basket online doesn’t mean that the company can’t personalise the gift for you, particularly if your recipient has specific dietary or health requirements, or perhaps requires a ‘back story’ prior to delivery. You may want a particular item included that will have significant meaning to the recipient, perhaps you would like to use their favourite colour for the ribbon, or perhaps want to include your own hand written card. You’ll find the gift basket company is more than happy to accommodate these special request to ensure both you and the receiver are delighted with their basket.


Choosing what to purchase for your clients can be tricky, often you are dealing with them over the phone or via email and generally you don’t enter into a lot of personal discussion, therefore choosing an office friendly gift that can be shared between a few or many works really well. They may choose to separate out the items, or use them for an ‘at work’ event such as afternoon tea, or Friday drinks.

Budget Friendly

You’ll find baskets come in a large range of sizes, themes, and prices, making it possible to find a basket that not only suits the recipient but also matches your budgetary requirements too.

Ideas to Help You Choose Presents for Men

Picking the right presents for men is quite challenging for some, especially if you’re totally clueless. But mind you, all you need is an eye to know which gift you can give that he’ll surely like. Whether it be your friend, your father, your hubby or a special someone, all you need to do is observe. Here are a few ideas that might help you decide on the right present to give.

Men love gadgets.

If you see that your hubby is so fascinated by the new iPhone 4S or if he loves video games, then electronic gadgets are good gifts for him. You can always surf the internet for new releases of action games and cool gadgets like iPods or PSPs. You can also visit the nearest electronic and digital store near your place. If budget is not an issue, you’ll have a wider choice of items.

Outdoor gear for men who love the outdoors.

If your friend loves to go hiking or if your father loves to go fishing, then outdoor gear is a perfect present for them. You can buy a pair of hiking shoes or a complete set of camping equipment. A nice set of fishing gears or a durable fishing rod will be perfect for your dad’s birthday. If you’re low in budget, you may want to buy simple presents for men like a fishing hat or a trendy pair of sunglasses.

A ticket to his favorite team’s game will be great.

If your special someone is a person who loves sports, then it’s a great idea to treat him to his favorite team’s game. You can buy tickets online and reserve the most comfortable seats where he can see the action as it happens.

Cheap presents for men – it’s the thought that counts.

Presents for men need not be very expensive. Even with low budget, you can always find the best gift for your special someone. There are gifts that you can give for all occasions, like T-shirts, cologne, necktie, wallet, organizers and a lot more.

You may want to add some personal touches to your gifts by adding a short note or by customizing the items. There are stores offering customized T-shirts where you can choose from hundred of designs or you can make your own. You can have your pictures printed on the shirt and a short dedication. You can likewise do it on mugs, organizers or even on ties. Presents for men are simply gifts your loved ones love.