Burn PowerPoint Presentations on DVD – Easiest Way

Have you been researching and asking about the easiest way to burn PowerPoint presentations on DVD? Sure you do because knowing the process will give you an edge especially if your work requires you to organize your files, keep them handy by burning them on DVD, and if you are constantly doing presentation works and reports to discuss topics and matters that need visuals.

Plus, if you have managed to burn your PowerPoint presentations, you can easily distribute or submit them. And for the record, PowerPoint presentations are playable on any DVD player If you burn the presentation to DVD in proper format. 

There are countless reasons why you need to burn your PowerPoint Presentations on DVD. After burning it, you can play the presentation on any DVD Player OR you can transfer the files to your mobile device, iPod etc…

The First Easy Way

There are on-line websites that let you convert your file so that it can be burned later on. On-line tools are not just handy but they are helpful to anyone who is a member of a specific site that allows them to convert and burn files. The process starts when you upload the file to the website. The file will be then converted to video file allowing you to view your slides using a DVD player. You can convert the file into MP4 format so you can view it using DVD players. After converting the file, you can download it to your computer and then burn it.

The Second Easy Way: Use a Software Program

Sometimes, you can’t be on-line all the time. That is why, you have to use a specific software instead so you can burn your power point presentation to DVD anytime and anywhere you want. All you need to do is follow these steps:

1. First of all, you need to download a PowerPoint To DVD converter software and install it in your system. There are plenty of them available on internet.

2. Then import your Power Point presentation into the software.

3. Choose the DVD menu according to the theme of your presentation.

4. Apply more effects to your Power Point presentation If you want and then burn a DVD.

That’s it! This process is very easy to follow and even a newbie can do it. All you need to do is import the presentation into the software and burn the DVD. This burned DVD will play in all DVD players and you don’ even need to have Power Point installed on the target computer to show your presentation.

Would Banning PowerPoint Improve Your Presentations?

We’ve all sat through those presentations where someone bored us to death with slide after slide of text, dated images or graphs crammed with information.

That’s why the phrase “Death by PowerPoint” was invented.

Many organisations have responded to this by banning the use of PowerPoint in any presentations. In some cases, they allow other programmes, such as Prezi, but some ban the use of visuals altogether.

Are they right to do this?

I can certainly sympathise. Most speakers I see use PowerPoint very badly. Their main crimes are:

  • using slides as a crutch for themselves, in effect writing out their presentation on PowerPoint and using it as their notes
  • writing PowerPoint slides which they intend to print off as handouts
  • hiding behind the slides so the presentation becomes little more than a voiceover
  • using the basic templates in PowerPoint to produce endless bullet point lists or repetitive slides with a heading and a tiny picture

This may be partly because of lack of time, or lack of expertise or just plain laziness.

Whatever the reason, the result is that thousands of people have to endure dreadful presentations and the whole dreary PowerPoint experience continues.

So I can see why some places might be tempted to just ban the whole thing. And I would be happy if one result of this was to force speakers to concentrate on keeping their audience’s attention by having great content and developing their delivery skills.

I’m all for developing a much higher standard of oratory amongst presenters!

But there are some problems with banning slides altogether.

Powerful visual aids can play a huge part in getting across key points with impact and helping an audience to listen, learn and remember.

Used well, visuals can:

  • grab, and keep, attention
  • explain a point more clearly than words
  • form a strong emotional connection between the audience and the subject matter
  • leave a lasting impression which fixes the point in the audience’s long term memory
  • introduce humour in a relevant and appropriate way

Of course, the key point is that they do have to be used well. The way most slides are used, they do none of these things.

But that’s not the fault of the medium itself – it’s not really PowerPoint’s fault, it’s the fault of the speakers who use it.

And I have to say, it’s not just PowerPoint, I’ve seen people using other packages just as badly.

So perhaps banning PowerPoint isn’t the answer. Because banning visual aids cuts off what could be a massive asset for a presenter and a massive benefit for the audience.

The answer is to give people the training they need to use PowerPoint the way it should be used – so presenters can speak with more impact and audiences can be spared the “death by a thousand slides” which they have to endure at the moment.

How to Select The Best Clickbank Product

Clickbank is a very useful place to start your internet career. There are close to 10,000 products you can choose from, and start reselling them for a commission. It seems very easy. Select a product from clickbank, create a hoplink (your very own link, which leads to the sale being credited to your clickbank account), make some sales and get a check every fortnight like clockwork. However, it is not so. If it had been like that, then every person worth his salt would be rich, getting payments from selling clickbank products. You must know how to select a clickbank product, what are the points to be considered while selecting a clickbank product, and what is the criterion for rejecting a clickbank product. Hopefully, after reading this article, you would be in a better position to take that decision.

In a sense, Internet is a very peculiar place to be. Here, you can not only search for information, mail or chat with friends, create a website or do any number of things you would have dreamt of doing in your life; and the best thing is you can do all these things at no or at fraction of the cost it would have taken you to do the same thing in the offline world. In addition to all the things you can do at the net, you can earn money as well from your endeavors. As you can easily find out, there are scores of ways to earn. Creating content rich sites, Adsense, selling posters or books from Amazon, and many others. However, to make any real income, you must have some background information on the steps needed to fulfill your desire.

One of the easiest ways of earning money from the net is by becoming a reseller of a website or a program. And the best place to do this is at clickbank. You can easily go to clickbank, select a product, create your link and advertise using various avenues like PPC, email promotion etc, which are available to you. However, selecting the right product is vital for getting sales and earning commissions from them. A wrong or ill-informed decision could burn a large hole in your pocket. So lets get down to the basics of how to select a clickbank product, and get some decent sales.

When you go to clickbank marketplace (the place where all the products available for sale are listed), you will find that the products are listed in different categories. Some of them are Business to Business, Health and Fitness, Home and family, Marketing and Ads, and so on. First you need to select a category whose products you want to see. Once you have decided the category and clicked on the Go button, a list of items (based upon your criteria) would be displaced. You will find the following information reflected under all the products.

$earned/sale:, %earned/sale:, %referred:, gravity:

Lets go into the meaning of these figures.

$ earned per sale – This is the average amount of money you make for each of these that you sell. It’s an average because it includes refunds.

% earned per sale – This is the average % earned for each sale.

% referred – This is the percent of sales for this product that comes from affiliates. If the % referred says 90, it simply means that out of every income of 100, 90 is coming from affiliates. The product creator is only earning 10 from his own efforts and all the rest is coming from the efforts of affiliates. A product with a low % referred means the product creator is putting efforts himself and a high % referred shows that he is not doing the major part of promotion.

Gravity – The most important figure out of all the statistics is gravity. Gravity is the approximate number of affiliates (weighted sum of number of affiliates) promoting this product. In short, gravity means the number of affiliates reselling this product. Greater the gravity, greater the efforts you need to put in to compete against others. If you look at the number one product, it will usually be the product with the highest gravity. The top product under the category Money and Employment (at the time of writing) has a gravity of around 700, and under Health and Fitness it is 335. You would, naturally, not want to compete against so many affiliates.

This may seem a bit confusing to people not familiar with it. The question then is, how to select the best clickbank ebook product from this maze? Simple – you don’t select the best selling product of clickbank, you select the best product which meets your criteria. Here are some guidelines on how to select the best clickbank product:

$ earned per sale – The average income from a product when you make a sale. Select a product that pays you a minimum of $20.00 per sale. Why? Google AdWords is the preferred source of promotion for a majority of people. An average of 100 clicks is required to make a sale (again an average- the conversion ratio may be more if you are lucky). An estimated 10 cents per click will cost you $10 to make a sale. If you make a sale after 100 clicks (costing you $10) and earn $20 for it, you are in profit of $10 per sale.

% earned per sale – The average % earned for each sale. As an affiliate, you should select a product that pays the maximum percentage per sale. In any case, don’t select a product which pays a commission of less than 50%, the more the better

% referred -Percent of sales for this product that comes from affiliates. Select a product that has a % referred figure of less than 80

Gravity – The approximate number of affiliates selling this product. Look out for a product that has a gravity around 40. Why? Selecting a product around 40 means that you won’t have to compete with many others. Too low, the competition would be more, and two and you will have to take the burden of promoting it more. Gravity of around 40 also means that some affiliates would already be promoting this product and so would have spread the word about it. When a person sees your ad for the same person, the chances are that he may have seen the ad earlier for the product and hence he would have been somewhat pre-sold on the product. In short, you may reap the benefit of somebody else’s ads (its believed that around 7 times an ad needs to be seen by a person for him to click on it – though it is not always so) It is true that it may not be the best seller, but you want to select a product that is best from your point of view, and not something that is clickbank’s best. Remember!

Now some real example.

See the stats of a product under Computing and Internet as of writing this article:

Website Hosting : Free Domain, Live Support, Sitebuilder.
$/sale: $82.08 | %/sale: 75.0% | %refd: 64.0% | grav: 0.85

This product meets all the criteria except one, the gravity.
You earn $82.08 (huge amount), %sale 75% (the best), %refd 64% not bad. But the major negative point is the low gravity (0.85). It means that there are hardly any affiliates promoting this product. It means that you will be one of the first affiliates, and would have to do a lot of promotion to build this product. Not Recommended

Lets take another example from Business to Business category:

Converting Like Crazy!!!
$/sale: $22.03 | %/sale: 75.0% | %refd: 25.0% | grav: 44.61

This product meets all the benchmark.
You earn $22.03 (more than estimated), %sale 75%, %refd 25% and gravity 44.61. Recommended

You have seen now that selecting the best clickbank ebook or product is fairly easy. There are no highly complicated theories. All you have to do is follow these simple strategies and you will start getting sales in no time. Let anybody tell you anything, the fact is that research on the net is vital to success. There is a wealth of information floating in the millions of webpages. You need to go and search for them. With proper guidance, you cannot fail.

The internet is a constantly changing platform. Concepts and theories valid today may become obsolete tomorrow. Products or programs a bestseller today may not work the day after, or at least not up to the expected level. You may acquire any amount of information, but you need to research thoroughly on the topic. Do your homework properly, put in the required amount of resources (money and manpower – there are no free lunches), and you will succeed without fail. Keep searching, and keep researching. Nothing is constant. The only thing constant is – Change.