Dog Pajamas – Fantastic Xmas Present For Your Family Dog

With Christmas just round the corner, what better present can there be to give your pet doggie than one of those cute little dog pajamas? Considering the variety of other sorts of dog garments, for instance tutu, tank top and jacket, why did I recommend a nightwear for your furry friend? Without a doubt those are very cute looking dog clothing however, your pet is the coldest at night so there is nothing greater than a pajama to keep it warm.

Even if you are living in a country where there is no winter, your four-legged friend is inactive when it is snoozing, therefore its body temperature will decrease. That might cause it to rouse quite often in an attempt to find a warm and cozy place to nap. With a dog pajama, your pet dog will stay warm and comfortable, so it will be able to have enough sleep the whole night.

Some people think that PJs can be uninteresting looking, is it true?

Not at all! When you visit your neighborhood pet store, you will be astonish to discover that there are a lot of exciting styles as well as vibrant designs to pick from. Even the fabrics which are used can be found in a wide array, depending on your pet’s preferences. In fact, you can even decide on a couple of designs and let your doggie wear a unique one every evening!

Pointers that will help you pick the right nightwear for your doggie:

1. Fabric utilized

As mentioned earlier, these doggie PJs can be made from different materials but you would want to go with something which is comfortable for your dog. Cotton, soft flannel or fleecy fabric are excellent choices since they are delicate so they are not going to damage your dog?s skin, particularly if it has skin allergy. Furthermore, such fabrics will keep your four-legged friend cozy at night but not too warm that it gets annoyed.

2. Design and color

Generally, you would want to purchase a dog pajama which is vibrant in color with a lot of fun styles. This will not only make your furry companion look more attractive but will also ensure that your pet can be seen from miles away, especially when you opt to take it outside for walks at night or let it roam around in the neighborhood.

An additional suggestion is to choose something which matches the coat color of your dog, just like the way you might go with clothing to match your own hair color. To make it more enjoyable, you may even want to get a matching nightwear for your own use or obtain the exact same sets for both of your dogs, if you have several!

3. Dimensions

How can you ensure that the doggy nightwears that you have purchased for your pet or pets are suitable? When doing your shopping, you ought to make sure that the PJ fits your canine friend perfectly. Something that is just too big or too small may cause discomfort for your canine companion.

One piece of advice would be to take measurements of your furry friend before you head out to buy the pajamas. You should take the lengths from its head to tail as well as of the widths between the shoulders. This way you will know the size to obtain for your pet. There ought to be size charts at the neighborhood pet shop or online shop that you are shopping at to assist you to make your decision.

Then again, you may want to consider taking your pet doggie along when you are out shopping for your pet’s nightwears at your local pet store. This way, you may even try out the pajamas for your furry friend and you can then determine which are the best suited ones to purchase.

Manifest In The Moment – How To Find The Present Moment & Just Be

Many people think that they’re living in the present moment, but if
you really stop to think…are they? Are you? What can you do to make sure
that you’re present? Here are some simple tips to get you in the
moment…and get you living better because of it!

First, try this. Pick a present moment and describe it. Describe
everything about it. How does the air feel? Is there a certain
smell in the air? How do your clothes feel as they touch each part
of your body? Do you taste anything? What do you see? Notice
everything that you’re aware of. Begin every sentence with: ‘Right
now…’ or ‘At this moment…’ or ‘Here and now…’.

Sometimes, you can have resistances to this exercise. So just notice
and write down any difficulties or resistances that may arise. Be
AWARE of these issues and put them aside. Now, transfer this
exercise to…exercising! Think about your resistances to exercise,
get in the present, and describe how you feel!

If you don’t know where to start, use these questions. Why did you
start the exercise when you did? Were you tired? Angry? Did you go
blank while doing it? Did you daydream or wander off? How long was
it before your mind wandered off?

Now what do you do to get back on track? The first thing that I like
to do is use “stop thoughts.” When you’re having a negative or self-
destructive thought, just tell yourself to STOP! Like Jen says,
throw those negative thoughts into a mental blender and scramble them
up! Sometimes I even write the thoughts in a journal and “capture”
them in the closed book. Whatever helps you to move past these
thoughts, do it! Get rid of them and move forward immediately. Get
in the present and create the life that you want. Think of it like
this…an hour from now is only a fantasy. And an hour ago is only a
memory. The present is what you have to create now. Do it!

IMPORTANT: When you do this “getting present” exercise, you don’t
have to do this sitting still. Do it at ANY time! If you think
about it while taking a walk or even doing the dishes – DO IT! The
more practice you get at being present, the better!

BREATHE…CONNECT…FEEL the present moment! Anxiety is usually
about tomorrow. But things feelings such as boredom, impatience, and annoyance
can cause anxiety because you’re preventing a full experience.
Always acknowledge these feelings and the STOP them…and move on! I
know it sounds basic, but it really is that simple! The only thing
you can control is your own thoughts and reactions, so get to it!

To re-acquire the full feeling of PRESENCE is an experience of
tremendous impact. And you will definitely know it when you get
there. Don’t fear it…just BE with it. The present is your present!

Think Like a Negotiator

How many times have you heard “Everything Negotiable?” You have probably heard this quite a few times in various contexts. However, have your really taken it to heart? Do you look at every situation as a chance to negotiate?

Many people think negotiation only entails to product purchases, big business deals, or dispute interactions with foreign countries. These are the kinds of negotiations we read about in the papers. What many people forget is there are opportunities to negotiate every day. Each time you want someone to do something for you, or someone wants you to do something for them, a negotiation is in process. Sure, many of these situations are not worth negotiating, we just plod forward and do it. However, if you want to develop your negotiation skills and think like a negotiator, start looking at these situations as opportunities. Not only will you develop greater negotiation skills, you will also find that you get more of what you want. The person who thinks like a negotiator looks at every situation as an opportunity to negotiate and win. Better yet, look at each situation as an opportunity to negotiate and ensure both sides win.

From now on, look for opportunities to negotiation and practice your negotiation skills at every opportunity. Each time you buy something, there is a potential negotiation. Yes, I realize if you go to the gas pump it will most likely be a futile discourse trying to get the station to lower your price per gallon, just as it will be difficult to negotiate the stated price of produce with the checker at the grocery store. However, many places to present opportunities to negotiate. Think like a negotiator and look for them. Remember, practicing your negotiation techniques on small items will enable you to negotiate bigger items in the future.

It is up to you to start thinking of common goods and services that might be negotiated. We all know that buying a car is often a negotiated deal. But what about a TV? How about work on your home or yard? Can you negotiate for services such as typing, web design, graphic arts, or computer programming? Have you ever asked a store to match a competitor’s price? That’s negotiating. Have you ever bartered goods or services with anyone for something? That’s negotiation.

Start thinking like a negotiator and practicing your negotiation skills and you will be amazed at the opportunities that surround you. Keep at it and your negotiation skills will improve, you will be making more win-win deals that you can count, and you will ever increase the size and scope of your negotiations. Not only will these skills pay off for you at home, they can positively impact your work as well. Then you will be using your newfound negotiation attitude to negotiate a higher salary.