Present Time – The Threshold of the Emerging Futures and the Vanishing Point of the Present

How fast time exceeds is dependent on Earth to the mass and the gravitational effects of that mass in that if their relativistic constancies were higher, time would exceed slower although we would not be able to tell a difference with any ordinary clocks or with our own experience, as everything would exceed in a slower pace. Thus, how fast what we experience as the present time exceeds in different areas of the cosmos cannot be said to have any constancy, but the nature of the experience of the present time as the threshold of the emerging future and the vanishing point of the present remains as the same.

If you play your favorite music with the rhythm and the beat it has, whether drum and bass, psytrance, black metal, hip hop, or nu-jazz, you cannot recognize a moment when the music would seize to exceed, but experience constantly how the music keeps on exceeding from the threshold of the emerging future, while the moment you experience as the present time vanishes to the past, although leaving traces to your working memory, thus enabling you to experience that there is some logic in relativity with the music exceeds, especially in that the lyrics make sense.

It is impossible for human neurophysiology in the brains to ever reach the exactly same active combination during the whole existence of being. The dynamic connectivity in the brains can produce possible connections and different active combinations that are in total more than the universe has atoms, and inside such a vast combinatory space, there are hardly any perfect life strategies to be formed, especially when the world as it is, is under the constancy of change, and because the cosmos as it is cannot also reach exactly the same combination in spatial terms. Life remains non-the-less in its information driven form, always exceeding, seizing only to death.

The experience of the past is a neurological phenomenon, appearing as representational reconstructions of world that no longer exists as being the actively present casualties experienced as the reality. Energy and matter keeps on changing its shape, and only the long chain of cause and effect the contents of the cosmos have gone through can be called as the past, similarly as the past of the individual’s life and the continuum of mankind can be in the information driven reality recognized as the sum of the cause and effect mankind has gone through. The emergence of the future is based the casualties the cosmos is in, and as the experience of the past is a neurological phenomenon in that the connections made between neurons, and contents in the memories increase in complexity, an individual is increasingly shaped from the consequences of his or her actions, as is the world that is inherited daily by the new emerging generations, between the threshold of the emerging futures and the vanishing point of the present.