Masonic Groups Losing Ground in Present Period; Can they survive to Future Periods?

The Masonic Groups are losing ground currently and they are losing political influence. But why is this? It is because the population of the United States of America is now at 300 million people and no matter how they play politics behind the scenes there are just too many people and the media is just too powerful and they are losing control of their power base.

The use of networking, storytelling and spreading rumors can only go so far when the masses of people have turned over their mind to the constant bombardment of mass media. The Masonic Groups have their buildings in a state of disrepair and in this state of material wealth desires of the general population and with the image of those Masonic decaying buildings, well they simply do not look like anything substantial enough to be taken seriously.

Additionally many of the people in the Masonic groups who have been taken in as members are under whelming in their level of intelligence. I speak without ego and only exact observations. I have been to every single city in the United States of America in the last four years and I have sat in coffee shops and talked to people, Masons and listened to the stories and tales.

I fully understand the good old boy network situations in many towns, but things are changing and Masonic groups are losing ground because they no longer have the image, are not recruiting high IQ intellectuals or using the mass media to help their efforts. I believe the Masonic groups are losing ground in the present period and I do not believe they can survive future periods as they will be passed by.

They can no longer control people through their rumors or secrets. I have nothing against the Masonic groups and have friends who are masons, as well as understand their place in our society in their work in the past periods. But I do watch trends, I am a futurist and I definitely know what I’m talking about, so, if you are a Mason do not take this as a detraction, but rather a warning of an inevitable future. It is time for the Masonic groups to adapt or decay. What happens next is up to them. Consider this in 2006.

Sharpening Your Presentation Skills

Regardless of the nature of our job or social standing, sooner or later we will be called upon to make a presentation of one sort or the other. To sharpen your skills, whet your audience’s appetite, and educate them, organize your presentation by keeping them in mind. To help you do just that, here are some tips to consider:

* Have an inviting opening. Greet your audience with a statement that conveys your genuine pleasure in seeing them and in being there.

* Summarize your main points. Inform your audience from the beginning about the structure of your presentation. When you do, they more likely will follow your presentation until its close. They will, consequently, be better able to follow each successive point as you develop it.

* Back your main points with examples, statistics, or facts. Caution: Be careful of overwhelming the audience by turning it into a scientific or technical presentation when presenting to a general audience.

* Design simple, yet convincing visuals that your audience can understand and interpret quickly.

* End with a strong conclusion that invites your audience to take immediate action or seek follow-up.

* Handle questions openly and honestly, admitting when you don’t have an answer, but, at the same time, promising to get back to your audience, or the individual, when you do.

Follow these tips, and I guarantee that you will see progress in your presentation skills that will lead to successful outcomes.

Remember: When you maximize your potential, everyone wins. hen you don’t, we all lose.

© Etienne A. Gibbs, MSW

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Ideas to Help You Choose Presents for Men

Picking the right presents for men is quite challenging for some, especially if you’re totally clueless. But mind you, all you need is an eye to know which gift you can give that he’ll surely like. Whether it be your friend, your father, your hubby or a special someone, all you need to do is observe. Here are a few ideas that might help you decide on the right present to give.

Men love gadgets.

If you see that your hubby is so fascinated by the new iPhone 4S or if he loves video games, then electronic gadgets are good gifts for him. You can always surf the internet for new releases of action games and cool gadgets like iPods or PSPs. You can also visit the nearest electronic and digital store near your place. If budget is not an issue, you’ll have a wider choice of items.

Outdoor gear for men who love the outdoors.

If your friend loves to go hiking or if your father loves to go fishing, then outdoor gear is a perfect present for them. You can buy a pair of hiking shoes or a complete set of camping equipment. A nice set of fishing gears or a durable fishing rod will be perfect for your dad’s birthday. If you’re low in budget, you may want to buy simple presents for men like a fishing hat or a trendy pair of sunglasses.

A ticket to his favorite team’s game will be great.

If your special someone is a person who loves sports, then it’s a great idea to treat him to his favorite team’s game. You can buy tickets online and reserve the most comfortable seats where he can see the action as it happens.

Cheap presents for men – it’s the thought that counts.

Presents for men need not be very expensive. Even with low budget, you can always find the best gift for your special someone. There are gifts that you can give for all occasions, like T-shirts, cologne, necktie, wallet, organizers and a lot more.

You may want to add some personal touches to your gifts by adding a short note or by customizing the items. There are stores offering customized T-shirts where you can choose from hundred of designs or you can make your own. You can have your pictures printed on the shirt and a short dedication. You can likewise do it on mugs, organizers or even on ties. Presents for men are simply gifts your loved ones love.